An initial list of SBI-related software packages

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  • SBI (python) - general purpose SBI framework
  • SBI Benchmarking (python) - for benchmarking
  • MadMiner - aimed at particle physics
  • swyft (python) the reference implementation of Truncated Marginal Neural Ratio Estimation (TMNRE), an efficient, simulation-based inference technique for complex data and expensive simulators
  • carl an early NN-based SBI package
  • lampe (python) is a flexible, amortized sbi library. The philosophy of LAMPE is to avoid obfuscation and expose all components so it is most useful for researchers.
  • pydelfi (python) with neural density estimators and adaptive acquisition of simulations.

Latest Posts

JM Herold, AH Schug, E Behle - Biophysical Journal, 2024 -

… To surmount these issues, we advocate for the adoption of simulation-based inference (SBI), harnessing the power of deep learning techniques to navigate these …

L Dingeldein, D Silva-Sánchez, E Dimprima… - Biophysical …, 2024 -

… learningbased approaches called simulation-based inference have been developed, … Here, we introduce a new method (cryoSBI) using simulation-based inference to …

K Christy, EJ Baxter, J Kumar - arXiv preprint arXiv:2402.04549, 2024 -

… In §4, we describe our application of simulation-based inference to train a neural posterior model that relates data to posterior. We present our main results in §5, and …

X Fu, K Fan, H Zozmann, L Schüler, J Calabrese - bioRxiv, 2024 -

… Here, we introduce a rigorous, simulation-based inference framework that simultaneously estimates changepoints and model parameters from noisy data while admitting …