KiDS-1000 and DES-Y1 combined Cosmology from peak count statistics

J Harnois-Deraps, S Heydenreich, B Giblin… - arXiv preprint arXiv …, 2024 -
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… We interpret our results with a simulation-based inference pipeline, sampling over a broad wCDM prior volume and marginalising over uncertainties on shape calibration, …

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title={KiDS-1000 and DES-Y1 combined Cosmology from peak count statistics},
author={Joachim Harnois-Deraps and Sven Heydenreich and Benjamin Giblin and Nicolas Martinet and Tilman Troester and Marika Asgari and Pierre Burger and Tiago Castro and Klaus Dolag and Catherine Heymans and Hendrik Hildebrandt and Benjamin Joachimi and Angus H. Wright},
primaryClass={id='astro-ph.CO' full_name='Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics' is_active=True alt_name=None in_archive='astro-ph' is_general=False description='Phenomenology of early universe, cosmic microwave background, cosmological parameters, primordial element abundances, extragalactic distance scale, large-scale structure of the universe. Groups, superclusters, voids, intergalactic medium. Particle astrophysics dark energy, dark matter, baryogenesis, leptogenesis, inflationary models, reheating, monopoles, WIMPs, cosmic strings, primordial black holes, cosmological gravitational radiation'}