Learning Electron Bunch Distribution along a FEL Beamline by Normalising Flows

A Willmann, JC Cabadağ, YY Chang, R Pausch… - arXiv preprint arXiv …, 2023 -
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… High costs of numerical simulations motivate to use deep learning based methods in order to derive fast and reliable simulation based inference. We suggest a masked autoregressive …

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title={Learning Electron Bunch Distribution along a FEL Beamline by Normalising Flows},
author={Anna Willmann and Jurjen Couperus Cabadağ and Yen-Yu Chang and Richard Pausch and Amin Ghaith and Alexander Debus and Arie Irman and Michael Bussmann and Ulrich Schramm and Nico Hoffmann},
primaryClass={id='physics.acc-ph' full_name='Accelerator Physics' is_active=True alt_name='acc-phys' in_archive='physics' is_general=False description='Accelerator theory and simulation. Accelerator technology. Accelerator experiments. Beam Physics. Accelerator design and optimization. Advanced accelerator concepts. Radiation sources including synchrotron light sources and free electron lasers. Applications of accelerators.'}