Efficient Data Mosaicing with Simulation-based Inference

A Gambardella, Y Choi, D Choi, J Lee - arXiv preprint arXiv:2210.14602, 2022 -
Computer Science paper cs.SD Suggest

… Here we propose an algorithm to automatically create audio mosaics using the simulation-based inference paradigm. Our algorithm takes as input an audio file that one …

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title={Efficient Data Mosaicing with Simulation-based Inference},
author={Andrew Gambardella and Youngjun Choi and Doyo Choi and Jinjoon Lee},
primaryClass={id='cs.SD' full_name='Sound' is_active=True alt_name=None in_archive='cs' is_general=False description='Covers all aspects of computing with sound, and sound as an information channel. Includes models of sound, analysis and synthesis, audio user interfaces, sonification of data, computer music, and sound signal processing. Includes ACM Subject Class H.5.5, and intersects with H.1.2, H.5.1, H.5.2, I.2.7, I.5.4, I.6.3, J.5, K.4.2.'}